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What can I do with the Haiku app?

Note: To enable SenseME features for a Haiku L fan, you will need to install the Wi-Fi module in the fan’s control box and install the Haiku Wi-Fi Wall Control.

Smart Mode 


Select Auto Comfort settings Smarter Heating and Smarter Cooling to maintain comfort and maximize energy savings year-round. When paired with a smart thermostat, your fan will alternate between Smarter Heating and Smarter Cooling automatically.


Enable Smarter Lighting, and Haiku Lights will adjust their brightness automatically as ambient light levels change throughout the day.

See How do I get my Haiku products to work automatically? for instructions.

Sleep Mode 

Customize your sleep settings for all-night comfort at the touch of a button. See How do I enable my Haiku products’ Sleep settings? for instructions.

Whoosh Mode 

Silently varies fan speed to mimic cooling natural breezes. See What is Whoosh Mode, and how does it work? for instructions.


Group multiple Haiku products in the same space for synchronized operation. See How do I get my Haiku products to work together? for instructions.


Sets precise schedules for fan and light control modes. See How do I make my Haiku products work on a schedule? for instructions.

Motion Sensor 

Detects when you enter or leave a room, turning the fans and lights in the room on and off automatically. See How do I enable the motion sensor on my Haiku products? for instructions.

Haiku Account

Create a Haiku account to automate your comfort using SenseME Technology. Using your account, you can also connect your Haiku products to compatible smart thermostats and Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. See How do I connect my Haiku products to my Haiku account? for instructions.

Smart Thermostats 

When your Haiku fan is connected to a smart thermostat, they work together to reduce heating and cooling costs. See How do I get my Haiku fan to work with a smart thermostat? for instructions.

Fan Eco

Activate Fan Eco to fully leverage the energy savings from your ceiling fan. See What is Fan Eco? for details and instructions.

This applies to these products: Haiku

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