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My fan is wobbling during operation.

  • Remove the airfoils (Haiku Indoor/Outdoor) or the lower cover (Haiku I Series).
    • Make sure the colored dot sticker on each airfoil matches the sticker on the motor hub.
    • If the stickers don’t match, move the airfoils to the matching attachment points.
    • If they already match, continue reading.
  • Make sure the gaps between each airfoil are the same.
  • If your fan was installed with the universal mount, make sure the mounting ball wedge has been installed and it is seated in the correct position. Verify the wedge screw is tight against the ball.
  • Make sure all mounting hardware is tight.
  • Make sure the airfoils are properly aligned and are securely fastened to the fan hub.
This applies to these products: Haiku Haiku I Series

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