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The Battle Against Workplace Heat

Heat is an unavoidable reality in many manufacturing processes, but when harsh conditions harass your workforce, the results are lost production, increased errors, equipment malfunction, and safety risks.

In vast industrial spaces, air conditioning alone is neither effective nor efficient in addressing workplace heat; moreover, HVAC equipment used in these facilities is often noisy and saddles you with high energy and maintenance costs.

The struggle to control temperatures within your facility presents problems in every season. In colder months, frigid conditions at floor level and heat loss through the roof make workers miserable and utility bills astronomical. Daily temperature fluctuations can also lead to condensation forming on floors and equipment, increasing the risk of costly production delays, product damage, and health and safety incidents. In such conditions, keeping employees motivated is a constant challenge.

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Productivity Up, Energy Costs Down

Obstacles to productivity, worker safety, and energy efficiency call for an immediate and effective response. With Big Ass Fans, your solution is at hand. Our high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) overhead and directional fans deliver massive airflow that makes workers feel up to 10 °F (6 °C) cooler and improves their productivity by as much as 10 percent. Greater worker comfort helps prevent fatigue, reduces the need for frequent breaks, and safeguards against heat stress.

Stay Cool, Stay Productive

Every degree the temperature rises above 77 °F, worker productivity drops by about 1%.* Big Ass fans’ 10-degree cooling effect offsets high temperatures and prevents productivity loss. How much is unchecked heat costing you?

See what you could save with Big Ass fans.

Costing just pennies a day to operate, Big Ass fans are a powerful, practical alternative to HVAC use and make existing systems more efficient by increasing air turnovers per hour (ATH) and reducing their power draw.

In winter, improved air circulation from a Big Ass HVLS fan helps efficiently mix heated air at the ceiling with colder air at floor level, eliminating the temperature differential and creating uniform conditions. Not only does this destratification deliver warmer, more comfortable air to workers who need it, but it also reduces heaters’ runtime and can save your business up to 30% on heating costs.

Guard Against Condensation

Unwanted moisture introduces safety risks and causes significant material losses for facilities each year. Keep condensation in check with Dewtect, the automated control system that protects your people and property from slick surfaces, rust, mold, and mildew.

Using real-time data from a network of indoor and outdoor sensors, Dewtect responds to changes in air temperature, humidity, and dew point to keep surface temperatures stable and prevent condensation from forming. By automating your Big Ass fans and HVAC equipment, Dewtect quickly evaporates moisture, so you don’t endure costly shutdowns or allow product to rust or spoil. Learn more.

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Custom Solutions, Proven Results

When you invest in your people’s comfort, you expect to see results. With SpecLab™, proof comes before you purchase. Using Big Ass Fans’ proprietary, patent-pending CFD software, our experts will conduct a 3D airflow analysis of your space and build a precise custom solution that you can see before the fans ever reach your facility. Once your project begins, our available factory-certified installation and dedicated project managers will coordinate with your schedule to ensure your project is completed quickly and correctly.

Airflow for Every Facility

Big Ass fans are purpose-built for facilities just like yours. Call 877-244-3267 or request a call from one of our airflow experts for a free custom quote and 3D airflow analysis. Transforming the comfort, safety, and efficiency of your space starts now!


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