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The Most Advanced Barrel Fan Ever Created

Built to deliver mobile comfort to virtually any space, Sidekick is your facility’s best choice for immediate airflow on the go. Its six-blade design and permanent-magnet motor move more air than any barrel fan on the market with class-leading energy efficiency and the quietest sound level.

Lightweight and impact-resistant, Sidekick offers optimum maneuverability with two locking swivel casters, a large handle, and convenient 12-foot power cord. At 4 feet wide, Sidekick is sized just right for the power you need and easy to store when not in use.

See the Innovation Behind Sidekick’s Performance

Superior Performance Starts with Superior Design

Sidekick motor

More Airflow, Less Energy

Sidekick’s permanent-magnet motor moves more air at nearly double the efficiency of its closest competitor. With a magnetron core, it also runs cooler than induction or belt-driven motors, ensuring a long life of peak performance.

  • Smaller, lighter, and more powerful than any other fan motor in its class
  • Brushless DC motor design further reduces friction and energy loss
  • 100% passive cooling keeps operating temperature low and efficiency high

Quiet by Design

Sidekick’s smooth, quiet operation is no accident. We engineered the fan with a vented shroud to reduce noise, and its six-blade design provides consistent airflow with none of the choppy sound common to three-bladed fans.

Built Like No Other

Features such as a patented airfoil system, variable speed direct-drive motor, and impact-resistant frame are what set Sidekick apart from the barrel fans of yesteryear.

  • Sleek, durable reinforced nylon airfoils
  • Fully adjustable variable speed control dial
  • OSHA-compliant steel screen and HDPE shroud

Maximum Mobility

Versatile? That’s Sidekick’s middle name. Its convenient 4-foot diameter fits easily through standard interior doorways, while its four locking swivel casters and 12-foot power cord make cooling airflow quick and convenient anywhere in your space.

Seeing is Believing

Proven by SpecLab

Data-backed SpecLab® Report

Only Big Ass Fans can create the world’s most powerful, efficient fans and give you the tools to see exactly how they’ll perform in your space. Our patented SpecLab® software provides a 3D airflow analysis of your space and shows you how Sidekick will transform conditions in every corner of your space.

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Barreling Over the Competition


The Other Guys

Best-in-class air movement With airflow that simply blows away its nearest competitors, Sidekick offers power where it counts, delivering up to 15,000 cubic feet of air per minute. All bark and no breeze With choppy airflow that pales in comparison to Sidekick’s power and coverage area, other fans just aren’t up to the task.
Leading efficiency More airflow, less energy? Check and check. Sidekick nearly doubles the efficiency of the closest runner-up. Less bang for your buck Most barrel fans can’t muster half of Sidekick’s efficiency. What’s all that energy wasted on? A motor that adds heat into your space.
Superior sound level Sidekick’s direct-drive motor and vented shroud revolutionize barrel fan technology with performance that won’t kill your conversation or your focus. Heavy metal sound Why endure the jet engine-level noise of the average barrel fan just for a little airflow? With Sidekick’s low-noise operation, your days of air traffic control are behind you.
Unmatched versatility With a lightweight, portable design, wet-rated IPX5 direct-drive motor, two voltage options, and a frame that’s built to withstand even the harshest industrial abuse, Sidekick tackles tough jobs in any space. A real drag Ordinary barrel fans use a heavy two-wheel design that has to be laboriously tilted and towed. Wrapped with simple sheet metal, they show every nick and ding, and don’t even think about hosing them down when they’re dirty.
More extensive warranty Sidekick’s 3-year warranty raises the bar with best-in-class coverage, and because Big Ass Fans makes what we sell, we’ll never redirect you to some random component manufacturer. Minimal coverage When you invest in equipment, you expect it to last. Judging from most barrel fans’ 1-year warranties, they’re just not ready for a long-term commitment.

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