Haiku L Ceiling Fans from Big Ass Fans - All of the efficiency and style of Haiku in a simpler package.

Time for an Upgrade

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Enduring Quality and Style

White Haiku L in bedroom

Two Classic Looks, One Brilliant Performance

Haiku L’s three sleek airfoils are made from hybrid resin that won’t ever fade, droop, or dent. Available in black or white finishes, each airfoil is hand-weighted for years of perfect balance and smooth, silent operation.

Black Black
White White
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Let There Be L.E.D.

Haiku L’s seamlessly integrated LED delivers performance that’s lightyears ahead of typical fan light kits. Designed to outshine and outlast the status quo, they’ll never fail to brighten your day.

  • 16 dimmable light levels
  • Output of up to 1,280 lumens
  • Warm 2,700 K color temperature
  • Remote, mobile app, and voice controls available
  • L70 rated lifetime of more than 50,000 hours
White Haiku L in bedroom

Our Dedication to Energy Efficiency

No fan manufacturer goes to greater lengths to create energy-efficient products than Big Ass Fans. It’s why businesses worldwide use our fans to cut heating and cooling costs by up to 30% and why designers rely on our ENERGY STAR®-rated models to meet the growing demand for sustainable, LEED-certified projects.

Haiku L’s Fan Eco mode makes world-leading efficiency possible from the convenience of your mobile device. Using patent-pending technology with Haiku’s mobile app, Fan Eco delivers unmatched energy savings and cooling airflow in perfect harmony.

  • Activate with just the touch of a button through the Haiku by Big Ass Fans mobile app
  • Optimize your fan’s efficiency with the ideal balance of airflow and energy use
  • Set it, then forget it: effortlessly enjoy lasting energy savings and comfort
  • Available exclusively from Big Ass Fans for connected Haiku fans
Haiku L requires the Wi-Fi module for Fan Eco mode.

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The Comforts of Innovation

White Haiku L in bedroom

Special Control Modes

Backed by Big Ass Fans technology that reimagines what ceiling fans can offer, Haiku L delivers control and convenience on a whole new level.

Haiku L offers advanced functionality with special control modes that can be activated from your fan’s remote control or mobile app.


Whoosh allows Haiku to simulate a natural breeze by continually varying your fan’s speed up and down.


Sleep mode gradually reduces your fan’s speed over a user-specified period of time, allowing for a gentle sleep that stays comfortable as conditions change.


Use Timer to set your Haiku to automatically shut off after a specified period of time.

Fan Eco

Fan Eco optimizes your fan’s performance using a finely calibrated balance of airflow and energy use for even greater efficiency.

Requires optional Wi-Fi module.
White Haiku L in living room

Wi-Fi Module

Haiku L’s optional Wi-Fi module lets you connect your fan to your home network and control it from anywhere within your space using the fan’s available mobile app and integration with smart home technology.

Haiku Mobile App

The Haiku app offers an easy interface to change fan speed and light levels, set preferences, schedule routine operations, and enable modes like Fan Eco from the convenience of your mobile device.

Smart Home Integration

Haiku L’s Wi-Fi connectivity enables voice activation with Google Home and Amazon Alexa for hands-free fan and light controls.

Standard remote
Big Ass Fans Mobile App
Amazon Alexa Google Assistant

Style and Comfort Fit for Any Space

Size Matters

With two diameters, a universal mount, and a range of available downrod lengths, Haiku L is an elegant comfort solution for virtually any space, from cozy studio apartments to spacious living rooms.

Universal Mount Versatile mount for flat and sloped ceilings and beams from 8 to 18 feet (2.4 to 5.5 meters)
44" (112 cm)
52" (132 cm)

Bring Haiku L Home

Family, friends, and customers all agree: Haiku L makes any space feel like home. Add it to yours and enjoy years of quiet comfort and convenience.

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