Increase Milk Production in Cows by making them more Comfortable with Big Ass Fans

Cow Production Stress Calculator

Hot, stuffy barns make uncomfortable cows and farmers. Studies show that cows' milk production decreases when the temperature rises above 77°F because of lost appetite. But if you're in the dairy business, you already know that, right?

Ever wonder just how much you're losing as the thermometer rises? Fill in the information below and find out. It might persuade you to boost your barn's comfort and cool your cows with a Big Ass Fan.


Money Lost Because Of
Lowered Productivity

Big Ass Fans Could be Saving You

Per Year

Productivity Lost Due to
Uncomfortable Cows

Big Ass Fans Could Reduce Your
Productivity Loss By

*Calculations are based on averages for the information selected and are only an estimate of actual savings. Actual loss and savings will vary depending on weather conditions, usage, location and business type. This information is intended as an example for comparison purposes only. BAF does not guarantee the accuracy of these calculations. No promise of performance is implied by us or should be inferred by you.

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