Lexington Brewery uses Large Fans to Circulate Air and Save on Energy Costs
Lexington, KY

Case Study: West Sixth Brewing Company

  • West Sixth Brewing Company with Isis
On the hot summer days, you're able to sit out in the beer garden because the outdoor Isis really keeps it cool enough. People ask about the fans almost every day; they tell us how great they are all the time. Ben Self, Co-Owner

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When West Sixth Brewing Company of Lexington, Kentucky, established itself in a 90,000-sq-ft (8,400-sq-m) former bread factory, the owners knew they needed to find a way to keep guests cool both indoors and in the outdoor beer garden. Part of West Sixth’s renovation plan included the installation of an HVAC system to keep customers comfortable in their tasting room, but the owners did not want to rely on energy-intensive air conditioning alone. The company sought a way to maximize air comfort for the employees and the beer enthusiasts who routinely crowd the popular brewery while keeping energy costs low.


West Sixth chose to augment the HVAC system with energy-efficient Isis fans from Big Ass Fans®. The large-diameter fans perform double duty at West Sixth. They provide comforting air movement at the indoor bar, tasting room and on the beer garden patio. The sleek, silent fans make customers feel up 10°F (6°C) cooler by slowly and gently moving a large volume of air. Thanks to Big Ass Fans, West Sixth has found an airflow solution to quietly reduce perceived temperatures without detracting from table conversation or sending napkins flying.

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