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Case Study: Watauga Central Fire Station

The fan works great — it's always on when people are in the space. It keeps the room comfortable and provides great air circulation. The operable windows provide cross-ventilation and the fan assists in stirring the air up and getting fumes and smoke out of the space. Jim Tharp, GSBS Architects

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For GSBS Architects, designing a firehouse with an energy-efficient airflow and ventilation strategy for both the garage and dormitory was no simple task.


To expel fumes from the garage and keep comfort in check, GSBS specified a 24-ft (7.3-m) diameter Powerfoil®X fan in the apparatus bay. The fan maintains comfort in the apparatus bay, where the station’s fleet of fire trucks and other emergency response vehicles are housed. The large diameter, low speed fan circulate air to expel vehicle fumes and keep firefighters comfortable in the Dallas-area temperatures. Included in the garage design is radiant heat flooring and clerestory natural light that further reduces the garage’s energy usage. In the firefighters’ dormitory, an 8-ft (2.4-m) Isis® fan makes living spaces more comfortable. “Operable windows provide cross-ventilation, and the fan assists in stirring the air up,” said Jim Tharp, architect and project manager at GSBS Architects.

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