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Las Vegas, NV

Case Study: University of Nevada, Las Vegas

I knew fans would help the situation, but I didn't think typical, small fans would do the trick. The Big Ass Fan was much easier to install than having to run additional piping. Jim Stinar, HVAC Specialist

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The Tonopah Residence Complex, a six-story residence building on the University of Nevada Las Vegas’ campus, is home to the Office of Housing Services as well as hundreds of students. Debilitating air circulation problems with the 900-sq. ft. (274-sq-m) lobby made it uncomfortable for the dozens of employees and the continuous stream of students. The existing air handling system provided acceptable comfort at the floor level, but it was unable to address the vertical temperature discrepancy within the 16-ft. (4.8m) high space.


The installation of an 8-ft. (2.4m) diameter Isis® not only provided the needed air movement, but also helped regulate temperatures throughout the space. By installing Isis, the residence complex was able to forego the addition of more tonnage to the existing HVAC unit – a decision that reduced substantial installation and operational costs. In the summer, air movement provided by the fans allows for increased thermostat set points, while in the winter months, the fans aid in reducing the building’s heating energy use. Winter-time energy reduction is achieved by circulating the heat trapped at the ceiling level back down to the occupants.

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