Big Ass Fans Reduced Perspiration and Moisture Problems in Mixed Martial Arts Facility
Scottsdale, AZ

Case Study: The Lion’s Den

We're able to keep our clients comfortable, keep the gym sanitary and healthy, and the air clean and moving without hindering our instructors' ability to communicate effectively with students. Scott Peterson, Owner

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The Lion’s Den in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a mixed martial arts training academy that offers classes in a variety of strenuous fitness programs. Owner Scott Peters describes it as “wall-to-wall people” at the busiest times, and with all of them working up a sweat, the air quality took a heavy hit. Clients complained about being too warm, and the humidity and perspiration left the wrestling mats wet, creating a safety hazard. Peters said they tried mobile fans but those were so loud they interfered with coaches’ ability to communicate with their students.


The academy installed two Isis® fans over the main mat areas, and Peters says the results have been “outstanding.” The fans have eliminated the stagnant, humid air and puddles created by sweating bodies. Unlike the noisy floor fans that hit people with a blast of air, the silent Isis fans create “a gentle, refreshing breeze constantly moving through the gym” that’s not disruptive to members or instructors. Peters says the Big Ass Fans help the Lion’s Den reduce its energy bills. “Our AC units don’t work as hard, but the facility stays at a much more comfortable temperature.”

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