Texas Equine Hospital Eliminated Noisy Box Fans by Installing Big Ass Fans
Bryan, TX

Case Study: Texas Equine Hospital

I am very pleased with our Big Ass Fans and clients comment that they really enjoy them. They're an excellent product that I would highly recommend. Dr. Cliff Honnas, Owner

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Texas Equine Hospital is renowned in the horse industry for its track record of quickly and accurately diagnosing health problems. The Bryan, Texas, facility examines nearly 60 horses daily, most under a 14-ft (4.3m) outdoor metal structure. But with temperatures regularly approaching 105°F (40.6°C), the process becomes taxing for both human and horse. “The heat that radiates off our shed makes it hotter than blazes,” said Dr. Cliff Honnas, owner. “The horses overheat, and it just makes work miserable.”


To combat the sweltering conditions, Big Ass Fans® installed four Powerfoil®X2.0 fans throughout the facility. Sized at 18-ft (5.5m) and 14-ft (4.3m), the fans circulate the stagnant air and provide cooling breezes that “make a 15-degree difference,” said Dr. Honnas. Not only did the Big Ass Fans make the clinical environment safer, but they eliminated dozens of inefficient box fans that required constant maintenance. “Our old fans were such a pain,” said Dr. Honnas. “I get so much more airflow with our Big Ass Fans. They’ve made an enormous difference.”

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