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Case Study: Snap Fitness

I'm impressed with the air circulation and surprised by the number of members who have noticed Isis immediately and gone out of their way to comment on it. People are thanking me for putting it in the gym. Ben Cowan, Owner

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For Snap Fitness owner Ben Cowan, providing a convenient, comfortable fitness center is essential to member retention. Cowan discovered cooling a fitness center is difficult and expensive, and he was in need of an efficient cooling solution to work along with an existing HVAC system without causing a disturbance to customers. Standard, small ceiling fans would add to Snap’s already high electric bills, while pedestal fans would eliminate valuable workout space and clutter the room.


A 9-ft. diameter Isis® fan. Isis is designed specifically for fitness centers with ceilings as low as 12-ft. (3.6m) and moves more air than NINE standard 52” (1.3m) ceiling fans combined at 1/4 the operating cost. Isis helps maintain a comfortable environment while reducing energy consumption.

Club members expect a fulfilling workout experience, and Isis delivers. The improved air movement from Isis results in the overall comfort and satisfaction of the members by decreasing the stale, stagnant air often prevalent in workout facilities. Since installation, Snap Fitness has turned up the thermostat in the summer and experienced a reduction in energy consumption. Additionally Isis’ gearless direct drive ensures quiet operation (less than 40 dBA) that will never interfere with electronic equipment such as computer systems, cash registers, sound systems, televisions/monitors, or PA systems. Isis provides Snap Fitness with the energy savings and comfort that only a Big Ass Fan® can deliver.

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