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Enterprise, AL

Case Study: Searcy Residence

It's incredible how much air Essence moves - it's unbelievable. You can stand at the end of the barn, and you can still feel the air movement. I don't have to run the A/C nearly as much to keep it cool. Bill Searcy, Owner

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After a fire destroyed Bill Searcy’s barn, he set out to make the best of a bad situation. He rebuilt the 2,400-sq-ft (222.9-sq-m) structure as a space to entertain friends and family, finishing the interior with tin, hardwood and concrete, and incorporating antiques and other rustic touches. But Searcy was on a mission to raise a barn that was different from anything Enterprise, Alabama, had ever seen – and he needed a showstopper to make that happen.


Searcy knew a Big Ass Fan® was just the addition after he spotted one at a local restaurant. He installed an Essence® fan – a major upgrade from the boring, noisy and inefficient floor fans he used in the barn’s previous incarnation. Searcy loves to hear his friends and family marvel, “Wow, what a fan!” when they walk into his barn for the first time. He also enjoys how Essence supplements his air conditioning for energy savings. Searcy said he’s raised his thermostat setpoint as much as 10°F (5.6°C) and remains comfortable, despite the Alabama heat, because of Essence’s air movement.

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