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San Diego, CA

Case Study: Scripps Ranch Swim & Racquet Club

There is absolutely no noise. With other fans there was so much background noise it was hard to hear, even when the instructors were using microphones. It is night and day, and we are accomplishing more with just one of these fans than we did with four of the old ones. Scott Herman, Manager

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Large, high-speed wall fans at Scripps Ranch Swim & Racquet Club left some members wanting more airflow, while others were disturbed by the direct breeze and noisy operation. With the fans offering two options— all or nothing—members had complaints, and management wasn’t happy.


Three 9-ft. diameter Isis® fans enable club managers to select the perfect level of airflow for every activity, from Pilates to spinning. The large diameter, low speed fans silently produce a gentle breeze that circulates throughout the space, providing even airflow to all members. In addition, the Isis fans silent operation does not overpower instructors’ voices or music.

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