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Versailles, KY

Case Study: Scott County Humane Society

  • Scott County Humane Society with AirGo
Guests were kept comfortable throughout the entire event thanks to the fan. I would highly recommend Big Ass Fans to anyone planning an outdoor party or event in need. The fan was truly a lifesaver. Leigh Searcy, Event Representative

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Bow Wow Meow Luau was the theme at the Second Annual Fur Ball held by the Scott County Humane Society at Castle Post in Versailles, Kentucky, to raise money for adoptions and other programs. Events are held throughout the summer at Castle Post, regardless of hot summer temperatures and the Fur Ball was no exception. A quiet, efficient, mobile air movement solution was needed for guests and pets to be cool and comfortable at this tropical affair.


The AirGo® fan (in demure “wedding white”) was added to the guest list for its quiet operation, outdoor functionality and pure effectiveness. This 8-ft (2.4m) diameter mobile fan provides non-disruptive air movement up to 140 feet (42.6m) — that’s half the length of a football field! Rough terrain maneuverability makes AirGo the perfect solution for any outdoor event. Guests at the Fur Ball were provided with consistent, comfortable breezes, allowing them to enjoy the event without being disrupted by the heat and making AirGo the “coolest” and most popular party guest on the list.

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