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Case Study: Ruskin Company

Ruskin Company with Powerfoil
Ruskin Company with Powerfoil
The ability to improve overall comfort of our facility was what sold us on Big Ass Fans. We realized this after touring the warehouse and feeling the difference between a section that had fans and one that did not, it's a night and day difference. Gary Simmons, Maintenance Supervisor/Manager

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Ruskin Co., a leading manufacturer of air and sound control products, requires the use of large pieces of equipment for production causing floor and ceiling obstructions within the 85,000-sq-ft (25,908-sq-m) facility. These large obstacles prevent adequate airflow during summer months creating an extremely uncomfortable work environment. The facility had little to no air circulation in various areas and the utilization of 50,24-inch (60.9-cm) pedestal fans did not provide nearly enough air movement. In order to create cooling breezes over and around obstructions to reach employees, Ruskin needed an efficient and effective air movement system.


One 6-ft (1.8-m) diameter Pivot180 was installed under the overhead cranes at the Ruskin facility. This industrial fan is mounted on a column and oscillates horizontally providing 180 degrees of airflow quietly and efficiently without machinery and building structures getting in the way.


Employees were left with a cooler and more comfortable work environment in which air movement can be felt wherever they go. The oscillating Pivot180 fan helps improve air circulation in dead spots that were initially blocked by obstructions and replaced numerous inefficient fans by creating steady continuous airflow throughout the facility. Ruskin also utilizes eight Powerfoil®X fans in other areas of the large facility to increase airflow, productivity and comfort year-round.

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