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San Antonio, TX

Case Study: Rolling Meadows Elementary

We needed a fan that could work outdoors and handle the Texas heat. We called up Big Ass Fans and Isis was the perfect fit. Michael Martinez, SHW Group

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Combining steel, canvas and sandstone in the open air, SHW Group Architects constructed a series of outdoor learning spaces at Rolling Meadows Elementary School in San Antonio, Texas. Each of the five 4,000-sq-ft (371.6m²) courtyards is situated along the school’s central corridor, which emulates the flow of the San Antonio River. Oriented on an east/west axis to reduce the heat load from the sun, uncomfortable stagnant air was still a concern in these outdoor classrooms settings. The school needed large fans that could stand up to outdoor conditions.


Isis® fans from Big Ass Fans® improve comfort in the courtyards with silent, gentle breezes. The fans’ effectiveness lies in their ability to move large volumes of air slowly and gently without disrupting student learning. In outdoor settings, the large-diameter Isis fans aid cross ventilation to create a cooling effect, and they are wet-rated so they stand up to any weather, rain or shine. They also blend into the space, their anodized aluminum airfoils complementing the corrugated metal and sandstone walls and providing a contrast to the multi-colored canopies that provide shade.

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