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New York, NY

Case Study: Patroon

The fans help circulate air underneath the canopy and drastically reduce the feeling of humidity up there. They cool the space without being aggressively in your face - and they're perfectly silent. Andrew Kleinman, General Manager

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Differentiation from the competition is good for any business, but it’s especially crucial in New York City’s crowded restaurant scene. Aretsky’s Patroon needed to increase airflow on its crowded rooftop terrace dining area to keep patrons comfortable during warm weather. “Our rooftop gets very crowded. With 150 to 200 people, it can get a little bit hot and humid,” said Andrew Kleinman, general manager. The restaurant tried using small, high-speed fans to keep the air moving, but the look and noise didn’t suit its carefully designed high-end feel.


Their designer recommended Isis®, an 8- to 10-ft (2.4- to 3-m) diameter overhead fan by Big Ass Fans®. These large-diameter, low-speed fans make customers feel up to 10°F (5.6°C) cooler, and move a large volume of air without creating a draft. Isis fans are also silent, providing a quiet way to bring cooling airflow so gentle it won’t blow away napkins or detract from table conversation. The industrial-inspired design of Isis suit’s Patroon’s modern aesthetic perfectly.

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