California Police Department Utilizes Big Ass Fans
Ontario, CA

Case Study: California Police Department

Now my maintenance people are less likely to make mistakes due to fatigue or being overheated. Those are the things you can't quantify, but you know that they're real. Sgt. Eric Weidner, Ontario Police Dept. Air Support

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In Ontario, California, the Police Department’s Air Support division is on the job 20 hours a day, 7 days a week assisting in the pursuit of vehicles, bad guys, lost children and “anything else you can imagine all over Southern California” said Sgt. Eric Weidner, who oversees operations. A hangar just outside town houses the 3-helicopter unit, and it “got pretty warm in summer,” said Weidner. It was uncomfortable to be in there, much less work.


Weidner had seen (and felt) a Big Ass Fan at a charity event and thought, “We need one of those.” The first step in his hangar improvements was a Big Ass Yellow Jacket mobile fan, which got the stagnant air moving. But Weidner’s bigger goal was to replace the subpar lighting. A Powerfoil 8 ceiling fan installed improved comfort facility-wide.

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