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Our Big Ass Fans are a tremendous solution. The area with the fans is the driest panel in the factory. There's no mold growing. Geoffrey Aitchison, Chief Engineer

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As the producer of French fries for a top fast-food chain, McCain Foods knows it’s important to deliver a quality product; however, condensation threatened its operations. In the process area of the plant, condensation from steam was causing mold to grow. This warm, moist air was also infiltrating the freezer, causing ice buildup. The ice could fall into containers and contaminate food. Tiny high-speed fans only reduced buildup in small, targeted areas, so the facility was forced to shut down every few days while workers scraped ice from the ceilings.


McCain Foods installed two 24-ft (7.3-m) Big Ass Fans® to fight ice- and mold causing moisture. The fans’ patented airfoil and winglet design creates a constant distribution of air, successfully eliminating ice accumulation in the freezer. In the process area, the mold problem was gone just two weeks after the Big Ass Fans installation, due to more consistent air temperature. McCain Foods also capitalized on their energy efficiency with the addition of the fans, experiencing a 25 percent reduction in energy costs during winter months.

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