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Las Vegas, NV

Case Study: Marshall Retail Group Beats the Desert Heat with Big Ass Fans

I love to point the fans out to visitors in July and August when Vegas temperatures are extreme. When A/C is not an option, the Big Ass Fans are a great solution. Esther Diedrich, Director of Distribution

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Marshall Retail Group includes more than 160 specialty stores in casinos and airports across the country. When it began making plans for a new Las Vegas distribution center, Director of Distribution Esther Diedrich knew she needed an effective way to keep her associates comfortable in the scorching desert summers. At the old site, numerous floor fans were used to circulate air blown from the evaporative cooling systems. They took up space, sucked up electricity and were a tripping hazard. Diedrich wanted something better in the new facility.


After learning of their track record in spaces where A/C isn’t feasible, Diedrich decided Big Ass Fans® would be a great fit for MRG's new distribution center. The company had three 14-ft (4.3-m) Basic 6® fans installed in the 64,000-sq-ft (5,950-sq-m) space to complement the evaporative cooling system and circulate air around the racking. “The fans have been working beautifully,” Diedrich said. “Even when temperatures rise to 110°F (43°C) and higher, the fans really make a difference. The staff is more comfortable and more productive.”

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