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Endwell, NY

Case Study: Maine Endwell High School

The fans are always on, and you can feel the air moving around. People really appreciate them. David Cook, Energy Education Specialist/Athletic Director

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Indoor swimming pools are notorious for their discomfort and Maine Endwell High School’s non-air conditioned aquatic center was no different. When the school decided to build a new 10,000 sq. ft. (929 sq. m) competitive indoor pool area, air circulation and comfort were essential for the more than 400 parents and patrons that attended each swim meet. Energy efficiency was also a priority as the district had recently undergone a much-needed energy overhaul.


Four 8-ft. (2.4m) diameter Isis® fans from Big Ass Fans® were installed above the 85-ft (25.9m), six-row bleacher area. The fans offered a welcome reprieve from the heat, and attendees are much more comfortable, according to the Energy Education Specialist and Athletic Director David Cook. In only two and a half years, the school district has saved $300,000 in energy costs, because of Big Ass Fans’ contributions. The fans have worked so well that Cook plans to install more above the team bleachers as well.

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