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Findlay, OH

Case Study: Kohl’s Distribution Center

The employee feedback where the Sweat Bees® are installed has been wonderful. The fans are not noisy, and they can swivel to blow directly on the employees or away, depending on desired comfort levels. David Haney, Assistant Maintenance Manager

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Despite air conditioning in the Findlay, Ohio, Kohl’s distribution center, the multilevel maze of conveyor belts prevented cool air from reaching all 300 employees in the 40,000-sq-ft (3,700-sq-m) facility. Heat from the equipment didn’t help matters either. On a busy summer day, with triple digit temperatures and the air conditioning working beyond full capacity, keeping employees comfortable proved challenging. Since the conveyor system occupies 15 feet (4.5 meters) of the 30-ft (9-m) high space, ceiling fans were not an option.


Fifty-four 18-in. (45-cm) Sweat Bee® fans by Big Ass Fans® now circulate the air from the HVAC system, benefiting all employees on the line. With the ability to swivel the fans, which are positioned to avoid obstructions, workers can direct the airflow to suit their needs, further increasing comfort. In addition, the quiet operation of the Sweat Bee fans allows workers to communicate without having to shout.

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