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Georgetown, KY

Case Study: Johnson Controls

I'd definitely recommend Big Ass fans to any facility where employee comfort and quality control are important. Mark Tarry, Production Specialist

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Johnson Controls in Georgetown, Kentucky, has a big responsibility: assembling seats for the nearby Toyota Manufacturing plant. On one side of the facility is the foam department, where the molds get as hot as 140°F. Although there’s a wall blocking off that side of the building, it’s not solid. Heat comes through to the other side, where the seats are finished, and air-conditioning alone wasn’t effective. When the company started making seats for Toyota’s luxury Lexus model, it knew it had to up its game.


Production superintendent Mark Tarry says the installation of Big Ass Fans® made a big difference. “A few summers ago, the power went off at night, and the generator wasn’t connected to the fans. It felt like the temperature shot up at least 20 degrees. That’s not an exaggeration,” Tarry says. Tarry says the Big Ass Fans® keep employees happy.

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