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Tallahassee, FL

Case Study: HondaJet Southeast

Big Ass Fans in HondaJet
Big Ass Fans in HondaJet
It's worked out really well for keeping the temperature comfortable in the hangar, especially in the summer time here in Tallahassee. With this new facility, we wanted to have that same ability to cool it down and keep the air moving in there, because it could get stagnant in the hangar. Bob Van Riper, VP of Aircraft Sales

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Flightline Group, Inc. of Tallahassee needed a way to keep aircraft technicians comfortable in a new maintenance and storage hangar for HondaJet Southeast.


Engineered to effectively circulate air in any environment, large diameter, low speed fans move the air slowly, creating quiet, low speed, non-turbulent airflow. The upturned Powerfoil®X Plus winglets are ideal for hangars, creating an air pattern that produces both a vertical and horizontal air movement around large obstructions, such as parked aircraft.

In warmer months, large diameter, low speed fans improve employee comfort through increased air movement. With the fans operating at 60 percent to full speed, the additional air movement creates a cooling sensation. In the winter, they help destratify the air, creating uniform temperatures throughout, ceiling to floor, wall to door. Research has shown that employee comfort translates into safer and happier workers, greater productivity and less turnover.

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