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Case Study: Highland Park Independent School District

Big Ass Fans made it safer and more enjoyable to practice inside our facility. The misting fan feels a lot like A/C. Just standing in front of it makes you feel significantly cooler. Randy Allen, Coach

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Heat-related illness is always a concern in Texas during the summer. To reduce the risk to student athletes, Highland Park Independent School District built a $4 million indoor practice facility to get football players out of the sun. Louvers and warehouse fans mounted just below the 36-ft (11-m) ceiling provided ventilation and air movement, but at a level too high for the players to feel it. This stagnant air prompted athletes to head back outside to try to at least feel a breeze.


The district turned to Big Ass Fans® to aid air circulation and provide a cooling breeze to players. Four 24-ft (7.3-m) diameter overhead industrial fans circulate air throughout the facility, while three pedestal mounted Yellow Jacket® fans provide targeted cooling. An 8-ft (2.4-m) diameter, portable AirGo® misting fan also brings the cooling power of 22 tons of air conditioning indoors or out. Players and coaches are now able to utilize the state-of-the-art practice facility year round, reducing the risk of heat-related illness.

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