Asheville Brewery Uses Big Ass Fans to Keep Customers and Employees Comfortable
Asheville, NC

Case Study: Highland Brewing Company

  • Highland Brewing with Isis
The fans have been perfect for our needs inside the production facility and out. John Lyda, Brewmaster

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Highland Brewing Company has been turning out fine beer in the Blue Ridge Mountains since 1994. In fact, the brewery helped establish the town of Asheville as a craft-beer hub. But early on, the company recognized that its production facility suffered from a lack of airflow. In summer, people were “burning up” inside the building, Brewmaster John Lyda said. Then, when winter arrived, “heating bills were skyhigh.” The brewery needed a way to reduce temperatures inside in summer and cut heating bills in the winter months.


Highland first installed one 24-ft (7.3-m) and two 8-ft (2.4-m) diameter Powerfoil®X fans from Big Ass Fans® in the 19,000-sq-ft (1,765-sq-m) nonair- conditioned production facility to keep summer heat and winter bills under control. The fans create a cooling effect of up to 10°F (6°C) in the warmer months, and in winter destratify the air, reducing energy consumption by as much as 30 percent. Because the first fans were so effective, Highland later installed a 16-ft (4.9-m) diameter Element® in its 8,000-sq-ft (743-sq-m) tasting room, a 10-ft (3-m) Isis® in a brewing room and a 14-ft (4.3-m) Essence® in its new event space.

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