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Case Study: Hi Hopes Farm

I was impressed by the construction, quality and reputation of Big Ass Fans. We described our needs and the dimensions of the space and the agricultural sales team prescribed exactly the right fans for good air movement and air handling qualities. The customer service that carries this business is extraordinary. Marc Oken, Owner

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Box fans at family-owned Hi Hopes Farm weren’t getting the job done when it came to comfort and indoor air quality. Not only were the electrical cords a safety hazard, but the box fans broke every three to six months, unable to contend with the dusty environment.


Hi Hopes Farm installed ten matrix composite Haiku® fans in barn aisle ways, five Isis® fans above the stalls and one Powerfoil®8 fan in the hay and shavings storage barn. The fans provide cooling air movement in the summer, and can be slowed to gently push warm air down to the occupants’ level in the winter.

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