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Placencia, Belize

Case Study: Haiku Helps Francis Ford Coppola’s Resort Guests Stay Comfortable

The Haiku fans are perfect for our needs. They help us achieve natural climate control and are absolutely silent. Francis Ford Coppola, Owner

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The illustrious Hollywood director behind The Coppola Family Hideaways envisions his tropical resorts as not just hideaways, but getaways. Francis Ford Coppola wants guests to be able to put their working lives behind them in peace, quiet and total comfort. That means no TVs, and no air conditioning that requires closed doors and windows that shut out bird songs and monkey calls. Coppola has strong ideas about what makes an ideal vacation spot, and to ensure his guests’ experience is everything it should be, he spends a night in every single room of his resorts in Belize and Guatemala.


Coppola is adamant about creating a natural, soothing environment in his resorts, where energy is at a premium. The installation of Haiku fans throughout Coppola Family Hideaways in Belize and Guatemala makes living without air conditioning a breeze. And as Coppola points out, the fans have a setting that actually simulates an ocean breeze. He especially appreciates their silence and their appearance, which “beautifully integrates with our decor.” Resort managers say the fans with built-in LEDs were a dramatic upgrade. They save energy, and visitors love their airflow and light. “They’re absolutely phenomenal,” says Martin Krediet, General Manager at Turtle Inn in Belize.

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