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Case Study: Gallrein Farms

Saving money was important. We wanted a way to ensure we wouldn't be stressing the air conditioning system, and we didn't want to waste the cold air as the doors opened and closed. Beyond that, Big Ass Fans look cool and are efficient. It's the perfect combination. I wouldn't trade them for anything. Bill Gallrein, Owner

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Gallrein Farms owner Bill Gallrein sought to move his open-air produce market indoors, transforming it into an air conditioned market, café and gift shop. But he worried high electricity bills would hurt his bottom line. The new facility’s open design and large doors meant the air conditioning system would be working overtime and lots of cold air would escape as customers came and went. Gallrein also wanted to trade in the small, energy-hogging fans he used to cool his outdoor market for something more efficient and easier on the eyes.


Gallrein turned to Big Ass Fans® during the design phase of the new space. He purchased three 10-ft (3-m) Isis® fans in the color Raven Black, adding a modern pop to his rustic-inspired space. The fans keep customers comfortable and the bugs away – which Gallrein noted is good for both produce and people. Three Big Ass Fans consume less energy than the many small fans Gallrein was using before, and they allow him to use less air conditioning to save even more.

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