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Case Study: Eastern Kentucky University

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This is an area with a lot of communication and listening, so it's important for us to have a quiet system. The fans quietly and effectively keep students and staff comfortable; they have worked really well for us. Rusty Carpenter, Director

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Eastern Kentucky University’s Noel Studio for Academic Creativity was designed to be an integrated space, linking the university’s writing, communication and research areas. VBN Architects, Inc. partnered with the university to transform a 10,000-sq-ft (929.1m²) storage area of the Crabbe Library into an innovative and welcoming learning environment that could be a comfortable home for the Noel Studio. VBN determined the existing HVAC units didn’t fit the desired layout, leaving the space in need of air movement.


Two 8-ft (2.4m) Isis® fans move large volumes of air slowly and gently without disrupting the quiet atmosphere of the space. The silent operation was vital—after all, the Noel Studio is in a library. The fans circulate the air without any disruptive noise, allowing students and staff to communicate without needing to shout. Aesthetic quality was also an important part of the studio, making Isis an easy choice because of its sleek, modern design. Thanks to the Big Ass Fans® and the space’s innovative design, the Noel Studio provides a comfortable, intellectually stimulating environment for the students of EKU.

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