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Case Study: Domus Alba

With a space this tall, the right scale is important, and Isis was the perfect fit. It really reflects the notion that form follows function. David Harper, FAIA LEED AP, Architect

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When building his own LEED® Gold home in Miami, architect David Harper wanted an energy-efficient alternative to traditional whole-home air conditioning. The residence was designed with a combination of natural ventilation and climactic zones to minimize air conditioning use, but needed a way to circulate cool air throughout the home. This need was especially present in the residence’s central family room, which opened up to the living room, game room, kitchen and second-story loft.


A 10-ft (3.1-m) Isis® fan improved airflow in both the first and second floor spaces adjoining the family room, allowing that zone of the house to operate on a higher thermostat setpoint without sacrificing comfort. The fan also helped circulate refreshing breezes that blow in across the indoor/outdoor pool, dissipating humidity and keeping the space cooler without air conditioning. The large diameter and sleek, industrial inspired design of the fan suited the scale and aesthetics of the home—a non-negotiable requirement for Harper—and added an undeniable wow factor to the space.

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