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Case Study: Crossfit Total Control

People come to Crossfit to work out, so we need air movement to help them be more comfortable. The fans deliver and they look cool. I’ve only ever gone with Big Ass Fans, mainly for the warranty because I know if I ever have a problem, Big Ass Fans will take care of it. I have nine Big Ass fans now, so that should tell you something. Russell Peters, Owner

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Crossfit Total Control owner Russell Peters operates multiple gyms across the Jacksonville area and knows firsthand how stuffy and stagnant fitness spaces can feel. So when he opened his Jacksonville Beach location, he knew that HVAC alone wouldn’t provide the airflow his members needed. Peters had turned to Black Jack and Powerfoil X series for facility comfort before, and when he heard that Big Ass Fans had released its first industrial overhead direct-drive fan, he was eager to put it to the test in his facility.


Peters installed a 20-foot Powerfoil D in his gym’s free-weight area. The fan’s airflow ensures that gym-goers stay cool and dry even in the middle of intense workouts, and its direct-drive motor keeps the space quiet and free from any mechanical noise or distraction. Not every story has a twist: Peters is pleased with the fan’s performance and has left little doubt about where he’ll look the next time one of his facilities needs airflow.

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