Music Store Uses Big Ass Fans to Regulate Temperature and Make Customers Comfortable
Richmond, Ontario

Case Study: Cosmo Music

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People come in and say the Big Ass Fans look nice and we say, they're not only nice looking, they're very practical and serve a purpose. Anyone can benefit from them in their retail or warehouse environment. Rudi Brouwers, Vice President and COO

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Cosmo Music, in Richmond, Ontario, has been in the musical instrument business for nearly 50 years. In 2008, the company moved to a gleaming new 56,000-sq-ft (5,200-sq-m.) facility. Despite the eye-catching design, there were problems with both customer comfort and product integrity. The 32-ft (10-m) ceiling in the atrium collected heat at the top, so customers on the second floor wilted in the heat as they waited for music lessons. Similarly high ceilings in the guitar room and warehouse made it difficult to keep temperature and humidity constant, which put valuable instruments at risk.


Cosmo got several estimates before investing in Big Ass Fans. Vice President Rudi Brouwers says “nobody came across as well as Big Ass Fans.” In the 10,000-sq-ft (930-sq-m) warehouse, one 20-ft (6-m) Basic 6® fan eliminated the 20-degree variance between the roof and the floor. In the guitar room, two 84-in (2-m) Haiku® fans maintain constant temperature and humidity, and customers trying out instruments appreciate the fans’ silence. The biggest comfort improvement is in the atrium, where a 14-ft (4.5-m) Essence® fan means customers in the second floor waiting area no longer have to fan themselves with sheet music.

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