Distillery Reduces Moisture and Increases Comfort with Large Commercial Fans
Louisville, KY

Case Study: Copper & Kings Distillery

  • Copper & Kings with Isis
  • Copper & Kings Distillery with Isis
These fans are the real deal. They look great and are big enough to cover the large space. We think there are no better fans in the world. Big Ass kicks ass! Joe Heron, Owner

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In 2013, Joe and Lesley Heron had a bold idea: open a brandy distillery in the heart of Kentucky’s bourbon country. The result is Copper & Kings, located in a renovated industrial building in Louisville. The vintage vibe came a at price, however. The large, poorly insulated space exacerbated the heat and moisture buildup common in distilleries. Copper & Kings needed a solution that blasted away the damp heat and fit the building’s rugged aesthetic. Finding a locally-sourced solution was important as well, as Copper & Kings strives to use American products whenever possible.


Copper & Kings installed three Isis® fans from Kentucky-based Big Ass Fans® to keep the distillery space cool and dry. According to owner Joe Heron, those local roots were vital: “We were committed to using local vendors as often as we could, and we were really proud that Big Ass Fans was a Kentucky company.” The fans offer a welcome respite from the midsummer heat, quickly cooling guests and ensuring more satisfying tours. “The Isis fans represent something interesting to our visitors,” said Heron. “These are confident fans. For us, that reflection of confidence is important.”

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