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Salt Lake City, UT

Case Study: Contender Bicycles

The efficiency of the Big Ass Fans is awesome. Our power bill is about half what it was in our old location. Ryan Littlefield, Owner

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a bicycle shop would be all about going green. Contender Bicycles focused on sustainability after they moved into their 13,000-sq-ft (1207.740m²) location in Salt Lake City’s 9th & 9th neighborhood in 2013. Sixty solar panels on the roof helped provide power for the space, but the all-electric heating and cooling needed a boost to avoid using all the power from the solar panels. Contender needed a way to increase the comfort of the shop without sacrificing energy efficiency.


Contender installed two Isis® fans by Big Ass Fans® in their shop. The fans are highly efficient, so they don’t use much of the precious energy produced by the solar panels. The air movement produced by the fans causes a 10°F cooling effect, allowing Contender to reduce their air conditioning use. Their utility bills are now half of what they were in Contender’s old location. With the help of Big Ass Fans, Contender Bicycles is now cooler—and greener—than ever before.

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