Cavanaugh Flight Museum Cools Mechanics and Patrons with Big Ass Fans
Addison, TX

Case Study: Cavanaugh Flight Museum

  • Cavanaugh Flight Museum with Basic 6
Our mechanics are much happier because Texas summers are quite hot, and the fans help keep them cool and comfortable. Everyone is impressed with the fans when they come on. Leslie Shaw, Finance Manager

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The Cavanaugh Flight Museum in Addison, Texas, is devoted to promoting and perpetuating America’s aviation heritage. This unique museum restores, maintains, operates and displays historic aircraft and also serves as a unique event space available for public rental. But faced with scorching temperatures during the summer months, mechanics in the service hangar struggled to get their work done. The heat also made the event space less than desirable for potential renters. Cavanaugh Finance Manager Leslie Shaw needed to find a single solution to both problems.


Shaw turned to Big Ass Fans to combat the heat-related problems. The museum installed two 24-ft. Basic 6™ fans to circulate air and create a comfortable environment for both mechanics in the hangar and patrons renting the space. Although the fans don’t change the temperatures, they do create a pleasant breeze that makes workers and museum visitors feel up to 10°F (6°C) cooler. Shaw expects to see an effect on the bottom line, too. “With the fans, we can use the event hangar year round, which will improve our revenue.”

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