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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Case Study: Black Jacks Make Saigon Outcast a Popular Spot

It’s very hot here, so our customers and staff love it. I believe that anywhere that crowds gather would benefit from the Big Ass Black Jack, even indoor venues. Linh Nguyen, Owner

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Saigon Outcast is a venue a little outside the city (aka Ho Chi Minh City) that is host to all kinds of events, from workshops and farmers markets to beer festivals and musical acts. Owner Linh Nguyen says the driving concept behind Outcast is to support the creative underdogs of Saigon by providing them a place to express themselves. However, the venue is outdoors, and the hot, humid climate had a way of sapping the creative energies of performers and audience alike. Saigon Outcast had tried small, wall-mounted fans, but they didn’t deliver enough of a breeze to keep the crowds comfortable.


Saigon Outcast’s manager had heard of Big Ass Fans and thought they might offer the solution to his problem. The venue ordered two mobile Big Ass Black Jack fans, and staff and customers love them. As many as 500 people a night crowd into the popular spot to meet, drink and be entertained, and the fans make all those activities more enjoyable. The fans’ quiet operation means people can stand directly in front of them and have a conversation without shouting. And their industrial good looks make them a hit with Outcast’s in-crowd.

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