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Queensland, Australia

Case Study: Bedarra Island Resort

  • Bederra Island Resort with Haiku
  • Bederra Island Resort with Haiku
  • Bederra Island Resort with Haiku
  • Bederra Island Resort with Haiku
The fans have made a massive difference. They are among the first things I speak about when I take guests to their villas. I wasn't quite aware of how good the benefits of the Haiku would be until after I slept under one. Sam Charlton, Owner

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On a private island near the Great Barrier Reef, Queensland’s exclusive Bedarra Island Resort prides itself on its connection to the natural beauty of the region. The owner pulls out all the stops when it comes to the guest experience and preserving their captivating environment. In an effort to become more sustainable, the resort conducted an energy audit that determined their diesel-run operation needed an overhaul. After converting to solar power and eradicating reliance on air-conditioning to keep cool, management decided to replace the 60-watt ceiling fans in constant use throughout the resort, which were the largest power consumers.


To reduce energy use while keeping guests cool, the resort replaced their inefficient ceiling fans with 44 Haiku® fans by Big Ass Fans®. “We needed something beautiful and easy to maintain in a tropical environment,” said owner Sam Charlton. “It sounds too good to be true, but we’re only consuming about 1% of our original power, and the fans will pay for themselves in just a few years.” Not only have the fans improved the efficiency of the resort, but guests also enjoy them. “They’ve made our resort livable,” said Charlton. “Guests end up ordering the Haiku after experiencing it here.”

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