Aston Martin Auto Service Center Increases HVAC Efficiency with HVLS Fans from Big Ass Fans
Washington, DC

Case Study: Aston Martin

The Big Ass Fans are impressive looking and clearly move a lot of air. The products are exceptional. Jim Walker, Manager

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Luxury automaker Aston Martin’s Washington D.C. dealership struggled with a 40-year-old HVAC system that made it difficult to maintain internal temperatures. Extreme seasonal weather and the facility’s tall ceilings compounded the problem. The dealership sought updates that would not only reflect the level of quality of the luxury brand, but also provide comfortable working conditions for the employees servicing those vehicles.


With an eye for quality, Aston Martin Washington D.C. selected two Powerfoil®X2.0 fans from Big Ass Fans®. The fans provide breezes that make workers feel up to 10°F (5.6°C) cooler in the summer months. In colder temperatures, the Big Ass Fans gently push rising warm air off the ceiling, saving the dealership up to 30 percent on heating bills.

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