What is SmartSense and how do I use it?

SmartSense is an optional BAFCon setting that eliminates the need for manual fan control. When enabled, SmartSense uses BAFCon’s built-in temperature and humidity sensors to maintain a consistent year-round temperature from floor to ceiling, maximizing comfort and energy savings. As the temperature rises with warmer weather, SmartSense automatically speeds up your fan to provide cooling. During cooler weather, SmartSense automatically slows down the fan to destratisfy the air, pushing warm air trapped at the ceiling down to the floor without creating a draft.

SmartSense is turned off by default. To enable it, tap SMART on the Home screen. Tap the thermometer icon at the top of the screen to set your ideal temperature. SmartSense will use this setting to automatically adjust the fan speed as ambient conditions change.

If you manually adjust the fan speed or turn the fan on/off from the Home screen while SmartSense is enabled, SmartSense will be disabled. To re-enable it, tap SMART. If you want SmartSense to resume automatically after a manual adjustment is made, you can enable this feature from the controller’s advanced SmartSense settings. Click here to learn about advanced SmartSense settings.

This applies to these products: BAFCon

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