What is Return to Auto?

Even when you want your fan and light to work automatically most of the time, there may be situations where you need to make a manual adjustment (e.g. turning the fan up to cool off after a jog or turning the light off when watching a movie).

Instead of disabling Auto when you make a change, Return to Auto waits for you to leave the room and then re-enables Auto to get your fan back to keeping you comfortable while saving energy.*

To enable Return to Auto:

  1. In the Big Ass Fans app, tap a fan on the Home screen, and then tap.
  2. Make sure the Fan or Light tab (depending on which you want to set) is selected at the top of the screen.
  3. Tap Return to Auto.
  4. Toggle Return to Auto to enable it.
  5. Use the Return After selector to choose the amount of time the fan waits after you leave the room before re-enabling Auto.

* If Auto is manually turned off by pressing the AUTO button on the Bluetooth remote or in the app, Return to Auto will not turn it back on.

This applies to these products: es6 i6

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