What can I do with the Big Ass Fans app?


Your i6 fan’s smart features (motion sensing, smart thermostat integration, etc.) are part of Auto. Just turn on Auto from the Bluetooth remote or the Big Ass Fans app, and your fan will automatically work to keep you comfortable while saving energy.

See How do I get my i6 fan to work automatically? for instructions on how to set your Auto preferences.


Automatically changes the color temperature of your fan’s light to a warm yellow as you dim the light and a cool blue as you brighten it – much like an incandescent light bulb.

Don’t like the cool blue color temperature at max brightness? No problem! See How do I change the maximum Dim-to-Warm color temperature? for more information.

Motion Sensor

Detects when you enter or leave a room, turning the fans and lights in the room on and off automatically. See How do I enable the motion sensor on my i6 fan? for instructions.

Big Ass Fans Account

Create a Big Ass Fans account* to connect your fan to compatible smart thermostats, Amazon Alexa-enabled devices, and the Google Assistant. See How do I connect my i6 fan to my Big Ass Fans account? for instructions.

*If you have an existing Haiku account, you can use it instead of creating a new Big Ass Fans account.

Smart Thermostats

When your fan is connected to a smart thermostat, they work together to reduce heating and cooling costs. See How do I get my i6 fan to work with a smart thermostat? for instructions.

This applies to these products: i6

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