Nest: I’ve connected my i6 fan to my Nest. What do I do now?

To take full advantage of your smart thermostat pairing, you may want to enable Thermostat Assist.

  1. Open the Big Ass Fans app and select the the fan that is connected to your Nest.
  2. Tapat the bottom of the screen.
  3. On the Fan tab, tap Fan Auto > Thermostat.
  4. Turn on Thermostat Assist and customize the Assist With features to have your i6 fan gently circulate air whenever your HVAC system’s blower turns on, helping to keep you comfortable while saving energy.

Big Ass fan integration with Nest devices is no longer supported. To learn more about Google’s termination of the “Works With Nest” program, click here.

This applies to these products: i6

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