My keypad is showing “EF,” “OU,” or some other code.

This is most likely a fault code. Big Ass Fans have built-in checks that look for both internal and external faults.

If your keypad reads “EF,” your fire alarm has gone off. This fault only occurs if the fan is connected to your fire panel.

If your keypad reads “OU,” there has been a fluctuation in the power being supplied to the fan. This occurs most often after a storm.

If the keypad reads “CE-04,” or is blinking, hit the “Mode” button until the fault code appears on the screen. Then, press “Stop/Reset” to clear the fault. To restart your fan, press “run.”

Regardless of the fault code, you can clear it by hitting the “Stop/Reset” button. To restart your fan, press “run.”

Video: Clearing Faults on the Powerfoil X Series Controller

This applies to these products: Powerfoil X2.0 Powerfoil X3.0

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