I don’t think my Haiku Light’s motion sensor is working. How can I tell if it’s enabled?

Note: The motion sensor will not work if the light is turned off manually (using the remote, the Haiku Home app, or a light switch. For the motion sensor to work properly, leave the light ON at the switch at all times).

  • Make sure the motion sensor is not obstructed by gently wiping down the light’s surface with a dry towel to clear any foreign objects such as dust, cobwebs, or other fine debris.
  • Press  on the remote and count how many times the light flashes. One flash indicates the motion sensor is enabled and two flashes indicate it is disabled.
  • To check the motion sensor’s status in the Haiku Home App, tap the light’s room name from the Home screen, then tap  .
This applies to these products: Haiku Light

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