How do I set up a passcode to restrict access to the controller?

To set up a passcode, tap the menu icon on the Home screen, and then tap PASSCODE. Tap SETUP next to the type of passcode you want to create. Follow the instructions on the screen. You can set up two types of passcodes:

  • User passcode – Secures access to the entire controller and must be entered each time the controller is awakened from screensaver mode. People with user level access can turn fans and lights on and off, adjust fan speed/light brightness, reverse fans, and enable/disable SmartSense.
  • Admin passcode – Secures access to the controller’s settings and must be entered each time the menu icon (general settings) or thermometer icon (SmartSense settings) is tapped. People with admin level access can adjust all controller functions. Note: If both a user and admin passcode are set up, the admin passcode will work when the controller prompts you for either passcode.
This applies to these products: BAFCon

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