How do I operate my fan?

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Starting and stopping the fan

The RUN and STOP buttons control the fan start and stop functions.

To start the fan, press the green RUN button.

To stop the fan, press the red STOP button.

Adjusting fan speed

The arrow buttons control speed adjustment.

To adjust fan speed, press the Up or Down arrow button.

  • Single presses will increase or decrease the speed in 1–2% increments.
  • Pressing and holding the Up or Down arrow button will slowly and continuously adjust fan speed until the button is released.

Reversing direction of fan rotation

The direction of fan rotation can be reversed when the fan is stopped or running.

To reverse the direction of rotation, press the Direction button, and then press the Memory/Enter button. The associated direction indicator will flash to indicate the pending change.

This applies to these products: HVLS Jet Pivot Shop Fan

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