How do I disable my Haiku Light’s Wi-Fi signal?

Note: Disabling your Haiku products’ Wi-Fi signal will make it invisible in your mobile devices’ Wi-Fi settings and prevent connection to the Haiku app. 

  1. Make sure your light has firmware version 2.3.2 (or later). To see which firmware version your light has, open the Haiku app, tap  , then tap Update Firmware to see the firmware version of each connected Haiku product. If required, you can update your light’s firmware from this screen.
  2. Restore your light to its factory settings.
  3. While pointing the remote at the light, press and hold the light ON/OFF button until the light blinks.
  4. Within 30 seconds, press the “plus” button five times.
  5. The light will turn on briefly and then stop blinking. The light’s Wi-Fi signal is now disabled.

Note: To re-enable the products’ Wi-Fi signal, complete a network reset using the remote control.

This applies to these products: Haiku Light

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