How do I control all of the fans?

To view and interact with all of the devices in your BAFWorks® system, touch the All Devices button in the top right corner of any screen of the application. The All Devices screen provides you with real-time information about all of the devices in your system, as well as options for managing them.

See image below for details.

A. Home Button. Touch the Home button to return to the BAFWorks home screen.

B. Start/Stop All Devices. Start of stop all devices in the system.

C. Screen Navigation Bar. Swipe your finger back and forth across the circles to view the devices on each screen. Up to six (6) devices can be displayed on one screen.

D. Global Admin Lock. Lock or unlock the operational status of all devices in the system. This setting requires administrator password entry.

E. Group Header. Indicates the group to which the device belongs.

F. Animated Device Icon. Provides a quick visual indication of device type and status. For fans, the device icon includes a speed indicator showing the fan’s current running speed. Touch a device icon to view the settings for that device.

G. Device Status Icon. Indicates the device’s operational status.

This applies to these products: BAFWorks

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